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Are you looking for an experienced real estate company to advise you on the property market in Abu Dhabi? With so many companies in the real estate market, it can be a bit confusing. Island Falcon has been providing consultancy services regarding building management and property leasing and selling since 2008.

With more than a decade of experience in the business, we understand the vicissitudes and the dynamics of the property panorama in the Emirates. Therefore, if you are focused on investing or finding your next home, you need the advice of professionals with a deep knowledge of the area.

As a leading Abu Dhabi properties company, we are dedicated to delivering smart real estate solutions. Contact us to receive bespoke advice on finding or managing a property by calling 800-ISLAND (800-475236) or email us at info@ifpm.ae.

About Abu Dhabi Real Estate

When it comes to finding a suitable property in such a large location, several options come up. Abu Dhabi is currently the most populated Emirate and, also, the largest, holding a contrasting blend of local people and expats from every continent.

This is why the real estate market is so vast, modern, and encompasses a wide range of commercial and residential properties.

Most people choose this vibrant Emirate in the Arabian Gulf to rent in, live in or invest in because of its safe and cutting-edge environment. However, there are several areas within the city, and an Abu Dhabi properties company is the best choice to find the one that meets your requirements.

Rent or Own: Abu Dhabi Properties Company


We know that picking the ideal location in such a vibrant city can be stressful and that every client has different needs.

Some island areas are most suitable for commercial investments, while others are the perfect spot for a quiet residential lease or purchase. Hence, we, one of the leading real estate companies can guide you through all the Emirate’s best locations.

  • Yas Island

  • The Corniche

  • Khalifa City

  • Downtown Abu Dhabi

  • Saadiyat Island

We Provide Tailored Solutions

Our goal is to help you find the best property options while saving you time and money. The UAE, or the whole Middle East, is famous for its luxurious and high-end commercial and residential buildings. Here’s when our Abu Dhabi properties company comes in to deliver a stress-free solution with exhaustive analysis and understanding of the market.

Real Estate Solutions for Investors

From building management to financial consultancy services, we provide custom solutions for investors. At Island Falcon, we are aware of every step towards an important investment, and we care up to the very last detail of the process. Moreover, the Abu Dhabi real estate scenario is complex but at the same time holds a handful of investment opportunities within.

By partnering with us, you will receive expert financial and technical advice from our consultants with several years of experience to choose the best location to invest. Plus, our Abu Dhabi properties company will handle every key aspect of the investment to help you maximize the profit and uphold your assets.

Real Estate Solutions for Property Owners

If you are looking to sell or buy a new residential property, we can help you find the perfect spot. Our qualified consultants at Island Falcon real estate company, have plenty of insights into all the Emirate areas to show you the most suitable options. Whether you are looking for a flat in a lively location or a luxurious villa in a quiet neighborhood, they are aware of the key takeaways of every region.


Furthermore, our Abu Dhabi properties company services go beyond giving advice on which spot is the best. We act as facilitators of the buying/selling process handling all the documentation and financial requirements for both parties involved in the transaction delivering a trouble-free experience.

Real Estate Solutions for Leasing

The Abu Dhabi real estate, primarily the property rental market, is quite impressive, and it’s experiencing significant growth. New apartments, villas, and studios are released to the market every day and with amazing features. It comes as no surprise that selecting the best property for a rental can be arduous.


The Middle East real estate industry never sleeps. For that reason, our Abu Dhabi properties company staff are constantly updated with the latest property releases and deliver peerless consultancy services when looking for rentals.

Island Falcon Property Management has been among the leading properties and estate agents companies for over 14 years. Our clientele is existent throughout the multiple Emirates of the UAE.

Why Choose Island Falcon Company?


Through all these years in the real estate business at Island Falcon Property Management Company, we have built a solid and experienced professional team. Whether you are looking for leasing, selling, or buying a property, our skilled team knows that every client is unique and needs tailored service within the Abu Dhabi real estate environment.

From commercial to residential solutions, we are aware of the market peculiarities and work actively to help you find the right property. We know what a top-notch Abu Dhabi properties company needs to provide its customers, and we focus our efforts every day on delivering the best brokerage services. We are driven by the spirit and the culture of service, which is why we lead the real estate business in the Gulf.

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Why hiring our Abu Dhabi properties company is your best choice? Because, at Island Falcon Property Management, we understand the complexities of the real estate market. Thus, finding a property to rent, live or invest in can be draining. We can help you achieve your goals with the help of our first-rate team of consultants.

In such a vast market with a wide range of properties, leading assistance is key to avoiding wasting time and money. Do you want to hire the leading Abu Dhabi properties company? Then give us a call on 800-ISLAND (800-475236) or email us at info@ifpm.ae. We are committed to fulfilling all your requests. You can read more about us on our website.

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