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Real Estate Asset Management Companies in Dubai


Are you searching for one of the best real estate asset management companies in Dubai to help manage your real estate portfolio? Then look no further than the experts at IFPM. Property management is our forte, and we’ve spent many years developing our brand, building our expertise, and establishing our brand to deliver the most reliable real estate asset management services. 

#1 Asset Management Company in Dubai

Today, we’re leading the way, providing tailored real estate and property management solutions to clients throughout the United Arab Emirates. Our vision is for IFPM to become the number one real estate asset management company, chosen by the majority for our wide-ranging all-encompassing solutions that ensure the profitability of our clients’ real estate investments. 

Client satisfaction is the cornerstone of our success, and we strive to make management services as affordable as possible while maintaining the highest standards. Call one of the top real estate asset management companies in Dubai today on 800 475 263 and begin your journey. 


Island Falcon Property Management

Top Real Estate Asset Managers in Dubai

Highly regarded as one of the most trusted real estate asset management companies in Dubai, Island Falcon boasts an extensive range of properties under management since 2008. It’s always been our mission to deliver unsurpassed real estate asset management solutions with an emphasis on innovation and building solid partnerships with our clients based on trust and mutual respect. 

Our goal is always to provide landlords and tenants with superior customer service, ensuring productive interactions and long-standing relationships that leave everyone wholly satisfied. It’s why IFPM Property Management is actively regarded as the go-to real estate asset management company.  

Commercial Property Asset Management 

Commercial property asset management can be hugely time-consuming and often stressful. You should be free to sit back, relax, and enjoy life while your portfolio works for you – not the other way around. That’s where we come in. We maintain a dedicated approach with ethical and transparent practices and a multi-skilled team committed to excellence. 

We’ll meet with you to outline your requirements and budget and detail our proposal for a customized management plan that encompasses all your properties. Our approach is defined by dedication, efficiency, and professionalism, which is why tenants and landlords entrust us with absolute confidence. 

With innumerable options for you to acquire throughout the market, it can be confusing and oftentimes overwhelming. We’re here to ensure that accommodations are made for your requirements. We offer a no-fuss approach, as this is the most effective way to meet our clients’ needs. 

It doesn’t matter whether we’re managing a small office or a large corporate building; we work hard to establish a productive relationship, delivering services that make your portfolio work for you. It’s why you should always entrust us over other real estate asset management companies in Dubai. 

Our Real Estate Asset Management Services


Our real estate asset management solutions entail a range of services that include: 

  • Facility and Maintenance Management 
  • Rent Collection and Accounting 
  • Legal Guidance 
  • Lease and Tenant Management 
  • Marketing of the Property 
  • Regular Cleaning 

The benefits of these services include: 

  • Maximum Returns on Your Property 
  • Experienced and Trusted Professional Property Agents 
  • Management of Real Estate Assets 
  • Healthy, Ethical, and Professional Relations 
  • Diverse Team 
  • Latest Technologies 

Other Services We Offer 


As one of the top real estate asset management companies in Dubai, we offer various services that encompass all our clients’ requirements. These services include: 


At IFPM, property management is a big part of what we do; a significant aspect of this is facilities management. Facilities management can be broken down into “soft” maintenance, which relates to cleaning/specialized surfaces. And “hard” maintenance, which relates to repairs, refurbishments, renovations, etc. 

We work with you to create a bespoke plan that dictates how these functions must be carried out; then, we execute the plan per your instructions. Our approach reinforces the notion of sustainability and progress to subscribe to the principle of constant growth and diligence. 

If a property interior needs a makeover, modernization or simply needs sprucing up, then you’re in capable hands. We’re one of the top real estate asset management companies in Dubai, and our interior design service is part of this. The style is usually determined by the business’ function. 

Our team recognize this and know how to preserve your identity by combining it with the business’s goals and the most current trends. 

Short-term rentals are another service that our real estate asset management company hands. By short-term rentals, we’re referring to vacation homes. If you’re looking for the right option, you could be left frustrated by the myriad of options available, none as straightforward as they might seem. 

That’s where we can help by assisting you in choosing the right vacation home to rent. There are plenty of advantages to enlisting our expertise, such as saving you time and ensuring you the most relaxing and refreshing trip away. 

Buying and selling are huge parts of building and managing a portfolio. Perhaps you’re looking for the next gem to add to your ever-growing list of assets. Or maybe you’re looking to offload an investment that isn’t working for you. We’ll assist you in securing the right property, searching countless options to find ones that match your requirements and/ or lifestyle. 

And we’ll work diligently and proactively to help sell any properties you no longer need, ensuring everything is balanced correctly so that your portfolio continues to be profitable. 

Leasing is another factor that plays heavily in a person’s property portfolio. Like many other real estate asset management companies in Dubai, we assist in this regard; only we go the extra mile. We have an excellent range of properties, including commercial assets. And we possess the knowledge to keep up with the fast-paced nature of the real estate market. 

Why Choose IFPM As Your Real Estate Asset Managers in Dubai? 


Founded in 2008, IFPM Property Management has been serving customers throughout the UAE with quality real estate management services for the last 15 years. Employing the most cutting-edge technologies and tried and tested methods, we foster a culture of partnership while delivering results that exceed our clients’ expectations. 

With a decade and a half of experience, we stand shoulders above other real estate asset management companies in Dubai. The UAE is a fast-paced, developing country, so the real estate market is very active. So, it’s a comfort to know that you have a team with unparalleled knowledge of the cities that make up this wonderful region. 

Unlike other real estate asset management companies in Dubai, we’re committed to your success. Connect with our industry experts, and let us make your buying, selling, and leasing experience as seamless as possible.  

Contact IFPM for Real Estate Asset Management Services in Dubai 

So, if you are interested in investing in real estate or have already begun building a real estate portfolio and are looking for professional property management services, look no further. After reading through the article above, it should be apparent who to turn to for real estate asset management – IFPM. Property management is where we excel, thanks to our many years of experience. 

We’ve worked with countless clients over the years, and our client base continues to grow yearly. Whether you’re asking us to manage a single property or an entire portfolio of real estate assets, you can count on us over other real estate asset management companies in Dubai

Our tireless approach to delivering impeccable, bespoke real estate asset management solutions is why we have the trust of so many. To begin your journey, call Island Falcon today on 800 475 263, fill out our online contact form, or email We’ll reply to your written query as quickly as possible. 


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