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IFPM, A Leading Asset Management Company

Are you looking for an asset management company in UAE, that can provide you with complete asset management solutions? Look no further, as IFPM is a leading and reliable asset management company.

Island Falcon Property Management is a multifaceted property and asset management company in UAE. With our branches in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Ajman, we have a diverse client base and an broad network. By doing so, we ensure we are facilitating the right requirement at the right time and at the right location.

You can visit one of our offices closest to your location or give us a call on 800 ISLAND (800-475236) and have our team members guide you through the benefits of hiring an asset management company in UAE. You can also send your queries or feedback on

Benefits of Hiring an Asset Management Company


An asset management company is essential for investors who are interested in setting up investment funds or who want assistance in this area. IFPM interacts directly with foreign investors who want help with personal property and assets. An asset management company like Island Falcon, can benefit you through the following ways

  • Depending on market fluctuations, our asset management company assists entrepreneurs in opening investment funds and investing in different areas of interest.
  • Asset management companies in Dubai manage various investment instruments in accordance with the beneficiary’s instructions.
  • Investing in a fund that has been well-analysed and managed can yield higher returns over time. A fund manager’s experience and solutions are important.
  • It is imperative that asset management companies analyse the market before investing in any investment fund. In the event that certain investments cannot be made, the fund manager will decide how to proceed.

Hire the Best Asset Management Company, Island Falcon.

In a real estate market like UAE’s, you need a reliable asset management company. Especially, if your property is your means of side income for you, considering you may have multiple tasks that hold a higher priority in your day-to-day work. Hiring IFPM can unlock the following doors for you:
  1. Improved Investment Planning with Minimized Risk: The service of an asset manager provides a better overview, which reduces the risk of a substandard investment.
  2. Investing Successfully: By valuing an estate transparently, the chances of making a successful, sustainable investment are much higher.
  3. Efficacy and efficiency of Available Assets: By combining a real estate asset management strategy with a 3D model, optimal economic performance for real estate can be implemented.
Give IFPM a call for a detailed discussion – 800 ISLAND (800-475236)

Island Falcon Property Management has been among the leading Assets Management and property management companies for over 14 years. Our clientele is existent throughout the multiple Emirates of the UAE.


Our Asset Management Process

IFPM works on a four-step process, namely:

  1. Basic Policy: IFPM builds a basic policy about how to manage the entire fund based on an outlook of the economy.
  2. Asset Management Plans: A plan related to asset management is laid out based on the basic policy.
  3. Implementation: We then lease, manage, acquire the assets according to the plan, thus implementing the policy.
  4. Monitor Asset Performance: Last step of the entire process involves understanding, managing, evaluating, and analysing asset’s performance.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

What is an Asset Management Company?

A financial institution that structures and manages various funds and also provide investment advisory services.

What is A Real Estate Asset Management Company?

It refers to the management of financial and non-financial assets, both tangible and intangible. There are many investment options available to investors, such as savings accounts and shares. Real estate is also considered an investment asset, along with securities. Thus, asset management – Real Estate, also called Real-Estate Asset Management.

What Does Asset Manager Do?

All of the assets related to a building and its facilities are controlled by a property asset manager. Acquisition and processing of property information are concrete tasks. Optimizing profits also requires planning and taking value-enhancing measures. Costs and risks associated with the specific measures are weighed.

Is IFPM Licensed?

Yes. IFPM is licensed to perform complete Property Management and Asset Management activities in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Ajman.

Do You Have a Team of Asset Managers?

Do You Have a Team of Asset Managers?

How Do I Hire an Asset Manager or Asset Management Company?

Simply give IFPM a call on 800-ISLAND (800-475236) and we will guide you through the hassle-free procedure, answer all your queries and make sure you end up with the right property manager.


Why Choose Us?

Our reputation as a leading asset management company in UAE comes from our commitment to providing the best service and support to our clients.

We assist our clients by providing them with a wide range of custom-made solutions and utilizing the most advanced technologies. In order to achieve the most effective result for our clients, we foster a culture of partnership with them. We strive to be the leader in the UAE asset management field.

Our principles:

  • Consistency in Growth
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Superior Quality Services
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

IFPM has grown through is diligence. Hence, if you are in search of an asset management company that you can depend on, IFPM is the answer.

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