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Building Management Companies in Dubai


Are you looking to hire the services of one of the top building management companies in Dubai? Then you’ve turned to the right people as you can always count on IFPM. Property management is our forte with many years of experience and a stellar track record to boot. To get started, phone our building management services company in Dubai on 800 475 263. 

Best Building Management Company in Dubai 

The Island Falcon Group is one of the top property management specialists in the UAE. With an impressive range of properties under management since 2008, you know you can count on IFPM. Property management services are where we excel with a focus on innovation and building solid partnerships with our clients. 

As one of the best building management companies Dubai has to offer, we’re firmly committed to providing all-encompassing solutions. We’re the building management services company to call for cost-effective coverage that promises high standards and stress-free experiences. 

Island Falcon Property Management

Hassle-Free Property Management Services

We didn’t become one of the top building management companies in Dubai by slacking when it comes to property management. IFPM, property management specialists like no other, maintain a dedicated approach with ethical and transparent practices. Our professional team of consultants are committed to excellence. 

Whatever your requirements, you can trust us over other building management companies to outline a custom management plan for your property. We strive to ensure your asset’s profitability while building sustainable relationships with your tenants. 

Our Building Management Services Include:

  • The Ability to Stay Up to Date and Compliant with Legislation 
  • Rent Collection 
  • Help with Managing Rent Reviews and Lease Renewals 
  • Access to New Investment Opportunities 
  • Maintenance and Repair Support 
  • Communication Between Landlords and Tenants 

Other Services We Offer


In addition to the property management services, we also offer other building management services in Dubai. These include: 

You can learn a little more about these services below and what makes us one of the top building management companies in Dubai. 


Here at Island Falcon, we form close partnerships with each of our clients, ensuring that we accurately understand their demands so that we may act on them. It’s your investment, and we’re committed to preserving it, ensuring it remains profitable for you. Our facilities management service is built on transparency. 

It’s firmly rooted in our company’s values as one of the top building management companies in Dubai. Customers across UAE regularly utilize IFPM – property management provided by us supports the idea of sustainability and progress to subscribe to the principle of constant growth and diligence. We achieve this through a range of “soft” maintenance (cleaning/ specialized surfaces) and “hard” maintenance. 

Next up on our list of building management services, Dubai customers can turn to us for help with interior design. Our designers also source commercial properties, representing a shift in focus. The function of the business usually determines the style. Our experts understand how to preserve your identity by combining it with the business’s goals and most modish trends. 

If you’re interested in short term rentals, then we should be your first port of call over other building management companies in Dubai. We recognize the multiplicity of accommodation options available throughout the city. The search for the right property can take a lot of time and often be fraught with frustrations. 

Choosing between a hotel or a holiday rental can be difficult, which is where we’re here to help. Work with our expert team and we’ll help you decide the best vacation home to rent. There are multiple advantages that will enable you to enjoy your trip away from start to end while still planning the moments

You can count one of the top building management companies in Dubai to deliver a seamless experience when it comes to buying and selling. We’ll assist you in finding the right property, searching countless options to find you one that matches your lifestyle.  

We have a range of properties to choose from and clients will receive a wealth of mortgage consultancy services. And we’ll work diligently and proactively to help you sell your existing property, ensuring a seamless process. It’s all made possible by the talented IFPM property management experts. 

Lastly, as one of the leading choices for building management services, Dubai customers should not be surprised to hear that we’re highly regarded for leasing services, too. We boast a wide range of properties, from apartments and villas to commercial assets. The real estate market is a fast-paced one, so it’s important to choose a company that can keep up. 

The IFPM property management experts are dedicated and talented. They are also well acquainted with the city and its localities, so you can trust the advice you receive. 

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

We recognize that our customers have lots of questions that they’d like to ask. We can’t answer every question here, but we’ve selected some of the questions we get asked often. You can find the answers to these questions below. 

It’s always a good idea to hire a property management company, like one of the top building management companies in Dubai – IFPM. Property management specialists IFPM provide a variety of all-encompassing solutions, and we ensure that your investments are protected, providing you with long-term profitability and minimal fuss. 

The satisfaction of our clients is the cornerstone of our success. We’re committed to building long-standing relationships based on trust upheld by our industry expertise. 

Property and building management companies in Dubai are important as they afford many pros. One of these is the knowledge that the more stressful and tedious daily operations are being taken care of. Any maintenance or repair concerns are handled without your input. And having access to the insights that property managers provide gives you essential information on adequate rent prices. 

Building management companies in Dubai like IFPM manage a variety of property types. These include residential properties, such as apartments and villas and commercial properties. No matter how extensive your portfolio is, IFPM will provide you with a customized management plan that protects each of your investments, ensuring their profitability. 

Property management contracts are official agreements drawn up between a client and the management company. The client (property owner) outlines how that company will run the property’s daily operations and what key decisions can be made and how they can be made. In other words, management contracts are legally binding blueprints that define what services are the responsibility of the property manager and what tasks remain with the owner. 


The contract also includes any applicable fees for these services. 

We tailor our services to meet each client’s requirements. Our comprehensive range of property management services easily surpasses other building management companies in Dubai. It includes facility and maintenance management, legal guidance, and lease and tenant management.  

Our responsibilities concerning property maintenance are outlined in our contract, and you can trust us to stay on top of these responsibilities. We do this through regular inspections and doing our due diligence regarding any pending works. Plus, we liaise with tenants and react accordingly to any maintenance requests as they unfold. 

We’ve mentioned a couple of examples above, but below is the full range of services included in our property management package: 

property management

Why Choose Us as Your Building Management Services Company in Dubai? 


Island Falcon provides superior support for landlords and tenants alike. We strive to meet our clients’ best interests, providing tailored solutions and utilizing the latest technologies. We’re at the forefront of the property management sector and are committed to fostering a culture of partnership, helping clients achieve their desired outcomes. 

Ever since our founding in 2008, we’ve continued to go from strength to strength. We bring real passion to the table with an emphasis on business integrity. Our team comprises individuals with all relevant skillsets, including leasing, finance consultancy, and property management. And with 15 years of experience, you can trust that we’ve dealt with every imaginable request. 

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