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Are you looking for leading-edge management for your building? At Island Falcon Property Management, we have an experienced team of dedicated professional property managers ready to outline a strategic plan to preserve your investment.

Handling the day-to-day operations of an entire building can be overwhelming, and property owners should not fall into the trap of ‘do-it-yourself.’ As professionals with several years of experience in the industry, we know this may lead to negative consequences. In particular, an improper maintenance, which can undervalue the property in the long term.

Therefore, here’s when management services take the lead helping owners avoid the downside of handling an entire facility. There are numerous benefits of hiring our building management company, starting with the reduction of costs up to increase business revenue. Contact us at +971 2 444 2123 or email us at and schedule a consultation today!

Leading Property Management Services

A recurrent concern that most building and business owners face is managing and taking care of their building to maximize profits. Therefore, Management Services and facility management come up as a full-scale solution.

When it comes to commercial and residential buildings, not having a building management company can be substantially expensive in many aspects. We understand that building owners need to hire skilled teams to take care of the cleanliness and maintenance, complying with all the safety and health company regulations.

Having high-standard management services is a fundamental asset for every building owner and it’s definitely worth the investment. While helping improve revenue. In line with that, we deliver highly trained teams up-to-date with the latest fire, health, and safety procedures and have full knowledge to comply with them efficiently.

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Building Management Company

Commercial or Residential Properties

Furthermore, at Island Falcon, we are aware that health and safety are pillars for an efficient building and a safe working or living environment. For that reason, we perform all the scheduled maintenance duties complying with current regulations in a cost-effective way, with the help of automation tools.



Our building management company at Island Falcon knows that there are no two identical buildings. Facades can be similar, but the core building operation is unique. Thus, our real goal is to ensure that the property is functional, efficient, safe, and secure for the community in a cost-effective way.

Consequently, our property management services encompass dedicated research and analysis of the building and its needs, outlining a smart maintenance and operation plan.



We know every property has its own requirements. That’s why we don’t trust that one-size-fits-all statement. Instead, our building management company focuses on examining the property conditions, from its core structure up to its outward aspect to deliver a tailored management proposition.

Our Services

Soft Services

Soft management services are optional as they are not required by law. These services are focused on making the building more comfortable for its occupants and do not have any impact on its market value.

Soft Services

  • Cleaning

  • Landscaping

  • Pest Control

  • Waste Management

  • Vending Machines

  • Decoration

Hard Services

Hard building management services are related to the physical structure. Moreover, they are tied to the safety and welfare of property owners, tenants, and visitors. That is why hard services are mandatory and non-negotiable

Hard Services

  • AC & Heating

  • Plumbing

  • Fire safety systems

  • Electricity

  • Preventive and routine maintenance

Hire A Building Management Company

We know how much you care about your investment. Therefore, we provide authorized services that entail several advantages allowing building owners to focus on up-scaling the business. Unlike other building maintenance company, Island Falcon, are experts delivering bespoke solutions, from residential properties to an entire building.

We perform preventive and scheduled maintenance to reduce unexpected expenses and breakdowns, with the latest technologies to deliver certified services. Besides, we use the latest software tools to trace and perform all the mandatory maintenance tasks right on time, making your property a safe and comfortable environment.

We are aware that finding experienced and licensed staff can be burdensome. That’s why our building management company also provides certified professionals that perform maintenance tasks complying with all environmental regulations. Thus, certified and licensed services ensure that the building complies with all the country’s environmental regulations avoiding costly penalties.

Therefore, leaving the Property Management Services to our company is a sparing way to improve revenue and save time. And guarantees that tenants, both commercial or residential, are inside a safe environment to work and live.

As building owners want to preserve and maximize their investment, our building management company becomes essential to uphold the property value. Performing preventive tasks in the infrastructure and the systems involved in the operation. Consequently, the whole structure is reconditioned regularly, and the building owner’s capital is safeguarded.

Our Management Services help business owners avoid the added stress of watching over the day-to-day organization, allowing you to focus on upscaling your business. Moreover, we provide services strategically designed to meet every owner’s needs by helping you avoid the hectic chores of dealing with all the existing environmental regulations.

We know our clients don’t want to spend valuable time handling services like maintenance, cleanliness, and other daily operations. By hiring our building management company, owners can focus on what really matters, their businesses.

Thereby, having a building manager is a great asset for every building owner. Our building management company is in charge of dealing with tenants, performing scheduled maintenance jobs, and researching the market to set competitive rates.

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Hire Our Services

At Island Falcon, we focus on delivering unparalleled services to preserve and maximize your investment at competitive rates helping you save more than time, but also steep costs. We assemble a tailored administration plan with the latest technologies to cover all the critical aspects of the building operation.

When you choose our building management company, you choose more than an experienced staff. We protect your investment while maximizing its value in the real estate market. Trust your property in our management services at Island Falcon. Contact us at +971 2 444 2123 or drop us and email at and schedule a consultation today.

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