Buying a property in Abu Dhabi

Buying Property in the Capital City of UAE

Are you interested in investing in the buzzing city of Abu Dhabi? The real estate landscape in the Emirate is experiencing significant growth with a breadth of properties for sale. Whether you are looking to purchasing a flat or for apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi, UAE, or buying a property as an investment, our real estate agents at Island Falcon can arrange every aspect of the process. Embrace a hassle-free experience when buying a property in Abu Dhabi with our leading team of real estate consultants. Get in touch with us today at +971 2444 2123 or via email at

Thinking of Buying a Property in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi is the largest of the seven Emirates in the UAE, making the city an attractive spot to live and invest. Moreover, with its long coastline, the city is a perfect combination of a lively metropolis and a vacation retreat. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that there has been a real estate market expansion for the last few years with a wide offer of apartments for sale and an increase in the number of buyers, IFPM has made it a less complicated task to buy a property in Abu Dhabi.

For that reason, the role of real estate agents in Abu Dhabi became essential to guide clients through the vast offer of properties. At Island Falcon, we know that everyone who reaches us and hires our services has different needs and requires tailored solutions. Buying a property in Abu Dhabi can be strenuous if you don’t have proper advice.

The Emirate is famous for its cultural offering with a wide array of events, its beneficial tax regulations for ex-pats, its multifaceted architecture, and mainly because of its connectivity with other major cities in the world.


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Why buy properties in Abu Dhabi?

Another reason people are choosing to buy property in Abu Dhabi city is because of the cultural diversity that makes them feel at home despite being away from their home countries. So, there’s no doubt why there are so many apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi and that it requires professional advice to make the right move in the real estate scene. The city has a perfect spot for everyone, and several properties in Abu Dhabi, and for those who look for houses like a modern flat downtown, a spacious villa in a quiet neighborhood, or an apartment with spectacular sea views. Buying a property in Abu Dhabi, UAE is a thoughtful decision that encompasses some complexities and, on top of it all, significant benefits.

How Can Our Real Estate Agents Help You?

With such a busy property market, finding the most suitable property that meets your requirements can be overwhelming. That’s why we have built a solid team of real estate agents in Abu Dhabi with vast knowledge and experience in the business.

Our staff of consultants will guide you through the process, helping you make the best decision. You just have to get in touch with our team, schedule a meeting, and tell us your expectations. At Island Falcon, we understand that buying a property in Abu Dhabi requires a dedicated analysis of every client’s needs.

The Emirate has its doors open both for investors and everyone who wants to enjoy the perks of living in a major city but surrounded by the sea breeze. Therefore, you may want to choose a property near the lively Corniche area or a quiet life away from the city without missing any attraction. Regardless of your choice, our team of consultants will assist you in displaying all the options available and handling all the legal documentation required.

With over ten years of experience closing successful transactions across the UAE, the agents at Island Falcon Group are committed to delivering a stress-free experience when buying a property in Abu Dhabi. Moreover, when you reach our consultants, you get honest advice.

We are always open to answer any inquiry during the process. Once you have made a decision to buy, we proceed to outline a plan to find the property that matches your specifications. Whether you want to invest or search for your next home in the Middle East, you can trust our staff of professionals.

How to Find the Best Apartments for Sale in Abu Dhabi

Real estate agents in Abu Dhabi play a key role when searching for the right property. In addition, if you plan to invest in the UAE from abroad, you may lack information regarding the best areas that align with your requirements.

For that reason, when buying a property in Abu Dhabi, professional consultancy services are vital. As we mentioned, this is the largest Emirate and, consequently, is a top choice for many people to live in. There’s a vast extent of apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi, and we know that finding the best property can be challenging.

So, at this point, you may be asking yourself what’s the best area to invest in or the best spot to find your next home? Here’s when you need top-notch professionals with experience in the ever-changing real estate landscape in the UAE.

With the guidance of real estate agents in Abu Dhabi, you’ll get access to the best properties in the market for your budget. Moreover, as the real estate scene is dynamic and new properties are listed and sold every day, you need a dedicated agent who can keep you up to date. That way, when buying property in Abu Dhabi, you can count on our agents that will procure the best listings following your requirements.

Get in Touch with Us Today!

The advantages of investing in a property in Abu Dhabi, UAE are countless. The Emirate welcomes everyone who wants to live a vibrant and trendy lifestyle in one of the leading-edge cities in the world. At Island Falcon, we are backed by more than ten years of experience in the Middle East real estate market, helping our clients reach their goals.

Buying a property in Abu Dhabi is a smart choice, and our consultants are pleased to assist you. Therefore, if you have chosen the Emirate to make your next investment, give us a call at +971 2444 2123 or contact us at

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