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Are you looking to ensure a safe and efficient workspace in your commercial properties? A commercial property facilities management company is the go-to solution for the day-to-day operations within your building. At Island Falcon, we are one of the leading real estate and property management services company with more than ten years of experience in Dubai and the UAE.

Our professional staff will take care of the daily duties and handle any unexpected contingency, so you can focus on what matters the most: your business revenue. If you want to learn more about Dubai properties and the extent of our services, give us a call at 800-ISLAND (800-475236) or contact us at

Why Hire Property Management Services?

When you buy an industrial or commercial property to run your business or as an investment, many concerns arise. Some choose to take the risk of handling the building operations to later find that it’s a demanding task and end up overlooking essential aspects required to keep the property functional.

Commercial property management Dubai-based services are the smartest choice you can make to preserve your investment and increment business revenue. At first glance, you may think about the costs of hiring these services. Still, below the surface, there are several advantages to consider that make commercial building management services worth the investment.

At Island Falcon Group, we understand that our client’s primary goal when owning an office building, or a retail complex, is focused on revenue. For that reason, the property must be functional, safe, and comply with all the environmental regulations of the region.

Why do you need Property Management Comapnies?


We know that many of our clients are not even based in the city and may not be aware of all the local regulations. That’s why our commercial property management Dubai-based company has a professional staff that manages every specific aspect of the building operation and has the mandatory legal know-how regarding commercial real estate.

In addition, our team runs periodic health and safety checklists to ensure a safe environment, lowering the potential risks for the individuals who work in the building.

However, one of the most significant advantages of commercial property facilities management services is that they help owners save time and money. You can upscale your property value by hiring our property management services, preserving your investment while focusing on investing in other assets.

What Are Our Commercial Property Managers Responsible for?


What can our commercial property management company do for your building? When you hire our services, our primary goal is to preserve the property value in the real estate market and avoid extended vacancies that negatively impact your income.

Our property managers are in charge of dealing with contractors when there are routine inspections and preventive maintenance. Moreover, they also handle contingencies, having a team that’s available on short notice to take care of the repair. But, besides the maintenance duties, there are other critical aspects that our company also undertakes.

You can’t leave your investment left to chance. Our commercial property management Dubai-based company has a staff of professionals that goes the extra mile to keep your property value and avoid financial losses. In addition, we hire only top-notch contractors and vendors to ensure services are certified and meet all the requirements of the property operation.

Therefore, when hiring our commercial property facilities management services, building owners have the guarantee that the staff is up-to-date with all the mandatory checklists and environmental regulations.

How Can Our Company Help You?


Island Falcon is the leading commercial property management Dubai-based company with vast expertise in the real estate market since 2008. When you trust your investment in our hands, we guarantee a hassle-free experience, enabling you to focus on your other assets.

At Island Falcon, we work with the latest technologies and software to keep track of the building performance and periodic checks. Moreover, by using automation tools to calculate the square footage, we can maximize the space availability, which will also impact revenue.

Our commercial property management Dubai-based company provides a broad extent of services, and as every client is unique and has specific requirements, we outline a custom management plan. That way, we ensure that your investment is profitable while complying with all the standard maintenance checks and local regulations.

In conclusion, how can our company help you? Our commercial property management Dubai-based company provides a wide array of property management services divided into Hard and Soft Services.

Hard Services

These types of real estate and commercial property facilities management services are mandatory and require professional contractors to perform tasks regarding the apartment or the whole building core structure and functioning.


That way, we can guarantee a safe working environment, complying with all the regulatory matters required by law. Services go from heating and air conditioning, plumbing up to fire safety systems.

Soft Services

Even though these are not required by law, they are necessary to guarantee the functionality of the building, improve the workspace and the well-being of employees.


Some of the most demanded soft services in our commercial property management Dubai-based company are waste management, landscaping, cleaning, and pest control.

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Why should you choose our real estate agency among various real estate agencies? To maximize revenue, cut unnecessary costs, and preserve your commercial property value, facilities management services are a must. Leave the daily operations of the building to a team of professionals and avoid the hassle of dealing with tenants, maintenance checks, and regulatory matters.

By partnering with us, you get a custom plan designed to meet your property requirements, outlined according to your budget. Our commercial property management Dubai-based company is committed to preserving your assets, delivering quick solutions in a contingency, and optimizing the building performance.

Island Falcon is the top-choice management company in Dubai and the UAE. Call us today to schedule a meeting at 800-ISLAND (800-475236) or contact us at and cost-effectively maximize your property’s profitability. You can also have a deeper look at our website for more services.

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