4 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A Property Manager

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Property Manager

In addition to being lucrative, investing in real estate can also be time-consuming and demanding. In addition to maintaining and occupying their properties, property owners need to deal with tenant complaints and other issues. To solve this problem, a property manager must be hired. By handling these tasks, a property manager releases the property owner’s time and ensures the property runs smoothly. 

However, appointing a property manager is not always simple, and landlords are prone to making mistakes that result in issues later. One or more of the most frequent errors is failing to verify the property manager’s credentials, perform an in-depth interview, run a background check, study the contract, or establish clear expectations. These errors will be discussed in this blog post, along with tips on how to avoid them when selecting a property management company in Dubai. 

Mistake #1 – Not Checking the Credentials 

Checking the credentials of a property manager is an essential step in the hiring process. It helps to ensure that the property manager has the necessary skills and experience to manage your property effectively.  

There are various credentials that property managers can hold, including a real estate license, a property management certification, and membership in a professional organization, ISO certifications and more. These credentials demonstrate that the property manager has undergone training and education in property management and adheres to a professional code of ethics. 

Without checking the credentials of a property manager, property owners risk hiring someone who may not have the knowledge or experience necessary to manage their property effectively. This can lead to poor management, legal issues, and financial loss. 

Tip to Avoid Mistake 

Check These: –

  1. RERA Certification: To lawfully manage properties, property managers in Dubai are required to get a RERA certification by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA). With this qualification, you can be sure that the property manager is aware about UAE real estate laws and regulations and has successfully passed the RERA exam. You can check the RERA website to see if a property manager is RERA certified.
  2. Membership in a Professional Organization: Becoming a member of a professional organization, such as the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) or the Dubai Real Estate Institute (DREI), can show that a property manager is dedicated to continuing education and upholds a strict code of ethics. You can get in touch with a professional organization directly to confirm membership. 

Verify: – 

You can request documents of a property manager’s RERA certification or check with the relevant professional association to confirm their credentials. To make sure you’re choosing a skilled and reliable expert, it’s crucial to take the time to check a property manager’s qualifications. 

Mistake #2- Not Conducting a Thorough Interview 

Finding the ideal individual for the position requires a careful screening process with a property manager. Property owners have the chance to discover more about the property manager’s background, competencies, and management style. Property owners run the risk of hiring someone who may not be a good fit for their property or who may lack the requisite training, experience, and expertise if they don’t conduct a thorough interview. 

Tip to Avoid Mistake 

Property owners should inquire about the property manager’s expertise and appropriateness for the position in order to prevent the error of not getting to know their property manager. Here are some queries to put forward before acquiring property management services in Dubai: 

  1. What experience do you have in property management? 
  2. How do you handle tenant complaints or disputes? 
  3. What is your approach to rent collection and lease enforcement? 
  4. How do you handle maintenance and repairs? 
  5. Can you provide references from previous clients? 

Evaluate: – 

Property owners should seek for concise, straightforward answers that show the property manager’s knowledge and experience while assessing the property manager’s answers during the interview. They should also look for signs of effective communication skills as well as a disposition that is respectful and professional. 

The interview is just one part of the recruiting process, so before making a choice, property owners should think about the property manager’s qualifications and references, among other things. Property owners can boost their chances of hiring the ideal candidate for the position by conducting a thorough interview and carefully examining the property manager’s responses. 

Mistake #3- Not Giving Importance to Background Checks 

A crucial stage in the hiring process is running a background investigation on the prospective property manager. Property owners can learn about any warning signs or issues with a complete background check that may not be apparent from the interview or references. Here are some justifications for why a background investigation is crucial: 

  • To verify the property management company’s previous career experiences.  
  • To discover any criminal histories or other legal difficulties. 
  • To analyse the property management company’s previous clients. 
  • To look for any unfavourable remarks or grievances from former clients. 

Tip to Avoid Mistake 

The following types of checks may be taken into consideration by property owners before hiring property management services in Dubai: 

  • Check their authenticity. 
  • Thoroughly check all their accreditations and testimonials. 
  • Check if they are legally clean and free of criminal records.  

Remember: – 

Property owners have two options for running background checks: they either hire a reputable background check business or do it themselves. Property owners should get the candidate’s written consent before conducting the checks themselves and adhere to all applicable rules and regulations. 

Mistake #4- Not Reviewing the Contract  

When choosing a property management in the UAE, it is vital to read the contract carefully before signing. A property management agreement spells out the services, deliverables, costs, and other crucial terms and circumstances. It’s crucial to thoroughly analyse the contract to make sure it satisfies the expectations of the property owner and safeguards their interests. Here are some explanations as to why it’s crucial to review the contract: 

  • To ensure that the scope of work is clearly defined and meets the property owner’s needs. 
  • To understand the fees and payment terms. 
  • To know the duration of the contract and termination clauses. 
  • To identify any clauses that may limit the property owner’s control over their property. 

Tip to Avoid Mistake 

When reviewing a property management contract, property owners should look for the following: 

  1. Scope of Work: Make sure the contract outlines the property manager’s obligations in detail, including those connected to tenant selection, rent collecting, upkeep, maintenance, and financial reporting. 
  1. Fees: Recognize all costs incurred by the property manager, such as management, leasing, and other fees. Make sure the costs are fair and in line with industry norms. 
  2. Duration of the Contract: Understand the contract’s term and any opportunities for renewal. Look for clauses that permit property owners to terminate the agreement if necessary. 
  3. Control over the Property: Find any provisions that would restrict the owner’s ability to manage their property, like prohibitions on making repairs or modifications. 

Negotiate: – 

Property owners can negotiate with the property manager to amend the terms of the contract if they are not content with them. During negotiations, it’s crucial to speak in a polite and unambiguous manner and, if required, obtain legal counsel. Before finalising a property management company in Dubai, property owners should make sure they are receiving a fair deal and that their rights are safeguarded by negotiating the contract’s terms. 


Property owners in the UAE must take the time to choose the best property management company in Dubai. Owners may protect their investment, make sure their property is well-maintained, and reduce vacancies with the aid of a qualified property manager. 

In addition to offering time management advantages for owners who might not have the time to efficiently manage their properties, a skilled property manager has the knowledge and experience to manage properties, handle tenant relations, and handle maintenance issues. In addition, property managers can assist with tenant screening, prompt maintenance and repair, and ensuring that the property complies with any rules and regulations. 

In conclusion, employing property management services in Dubai has many advantages for property owners, and it’s important to devote time identifying the best property management company. A qualified property manager can handle daily activities, ensure legal compliance, and help owners preserve and maintain their investment in addition to offering their knowledge and experience. 

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