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IFPM is one of the leading property management companies in Dubai and the UAE, we manage so much more than just a home!


The Leading Property Management Company in UAE

Island Falcon’s home and property management services subside all your setbacks as a landlord. We, being among the top property management companies in the UAE, make sure that when you work with us you are provided with the most effective results only.  

Home management services are an essential part of property management because being a landlord may seem like a seamless task however, it comes with its own cons. Paying attention to small details such as, regular painting, preventive or regular maintenance, collection of rents, renovations and so much more. Why go through it alone and make your work tedious while you can just call 800-475236 and hire Island Falcon’s top-notch home management services.  

Our trusted name in the market, team of experts and expert services will ensure a hassle-free experience for you. If you have any queries, you can also visit our offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Ajman and have a discussion with one of our agents. For more queries or some feedback, you can always write to IFPM on 

About our Home & Property Management Company

Island Falcon Property Management is synonymous with home and property management services. The reason behind this is our skilled team, systematically delegated jobs, on-time request accomplishment, efficiency and most importantly, the diligence to deliver the best.  

Having our property management services relieve you of all the stress associated with home management. From ensuring your new home is delivered in perfect condition to ensuring your tenant is held responsible for any damages caused during the tenancy, we have you covered. Our experienced team will ease the burden of land lording so that our clients can focus more on what is important for them.  

Our nation-wide clientele and their trust in us are what makes us one of the best property management companies in the UAE. If you are a landlord and need your residential home or a commercial property to be managed, surely dial 800-475236. 

Our Services


Once you choose to our home management services, you unlock yourself multiple benefits. Our locations being in various Emirates of the UAE help us meet and manage diverse range of clients. From quarrelsome tenants to the most cooperating ones, we have served them all. This has helped us polish our services and become experts in each of them hence putting us among the pioneers. 

Additionally, Island Falcon, markets your properties for you. With our extensive network of connections, tools and agents, your property reaches the right people at the right time. Marketing has been, is and will always be an indispensable part of anything that is up for sale or for lease. Unless your property is marketed to the right audience, it will lie of no use.  

Below mentioned are few of our expert services. 

Lease and Tenant Management:

We handle the administration and signing of lease contracts with tenants or corporate clients. It is the responsibility of our Customer Relationship Management team to receive, manage, follow up, and resolve tenant requests within an agreed turnaround time. Additionally, IFPM has an inspection team to ensure that tenants aren’t violating their lease agreements. It gives tenants the confidence that their properties are protected and will not be damaged by their tenants or misused. 

Facility and Maintenance Management:

We are committed to maintaining and cleaning residential and commercial properties, corporate offices, villa communities, standalone apartments, and private homes throughout the United Arab Emirates to the highest standards. As part of our Facility Services model, we provide positive and genuine services to ensure your business operations are comfortable, secure, and hassle-free. An extensive range of hard services as well as soft services, IFPM has got it all. Right from security, housekeeping, pest control, AC duct cleaning, disinfecting, to plumbing system repair and maintenance, preventive maintenance, and so much more. With our property management services, you can surely relax. 

Legal Guidance:

Contracts and other legal aspects of tenancy as well as land lordship can be quite complex. However, with IFPM’s expert home and property management services, you do not have to bother, you can trust us to provide you as well as guide you with legal advice. 

Rent Collection and Accounting:

Did you think our list of home management services was done? Absolutely not, one of the most essential tasks of collecting the rent and managing the accounts is also a part of our services. We will collect, calculate any deficit, and maintain accounting records and keep you up to date with any such crucial reports. 

You can visit any of IFPM’s branches as per your convenience or call us so we can answer all your queries to your content. 

Home Management Services in Dubai​
If you are located in Dubai, you can ideally benefit from our home management services in Dubai. A key component of the management concept at our company is professionalism, integrity, accountability, and quality service which is designed to ensure maximum return on investment. By finding the right tenant for your home and managing the tenancy, we will protect and maintain your investment.  What makes us efficient is our team. With a wide network of vetted contractors as partners and dedicated property managers, we take pride in what we do.

Read about us and become a part of IFPM family with the most reliable property management services in the UAE. 
Home Management Services in Abu Dhabi
We are existent nation-wide. We offer our expert home management services in Abu Dhabi as well. Location is no bar for us. Our solution-oriented approach keeps our as well as your work accommodating.

No matter how many units you own or how small or large your portfolio is, we have the capability to cater to your needs. All you need to do is call us on 800-475236 and we would be happy to assist you or answer all your queries on the phone call or in person. 
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Why Choose Us as Your Home Management Company?

Choosing a company that can provide quality home management services can be overwhelming. Several firms make false promises, so finding one has become even more challenging. We are here to make your life easier at Island Falcon Property Management. Due to our commitment to your wellbeing, hiring us opens many doors for you. 

IFPM offers the following additional benefits: 

  • Members from different nationalities and languages make up our dedicated team, which manages both residential and commercial properties. Financial institutions, banks, and corporate clients are among our clients. 
  • Whether you have a single asset or you manage a multi-million-dollar portfolio, we are equipped with the functionality to handle your needs with premium offering best-in-class technology. 
  • Our team of experts handle all aspects of your property, from marketing to tenant management to accounting to reporting, in order to ensure that everything is running smoothly, and you are maximizing the income from your property. 
  • Boosting the value of your property and minimizing risk and hassle for you will give you total confidence and ensure the highest returns possible. 

Start today by dialling 800-475236you can also view our other  property management services or read about us before making a final decision.  

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Why do I need home management services?

Home management services assist you with finding tenants, collecting rent, and taking care of repairs and maintenance as well as the paperwork. The situation is particularly challenging if you lack prior experience or lack the capacity to handle it yourself. 

Does IFPM perform ‘tenant screening’?

Definitely, yes! We collect copies of passports, visas, and Emirates IDs to verify a tenant’s work-related information. Documents such as salary certificates may be requested if necessary.

What happens if a tenant causes a damage?

Tenants are often required to deduct the cost of damages from their security deposit if they damage property or part of it. A tenant must pay the remaining amount if the security deposit is not sufficient. The rental dispute centre can be contacted in case of disputes.

Can IFPM’s home management services help me avoid wrong tenants?

While we cannot guarantee you won’t find bad tenants; we do our very best to avoid them. To identify or pre-empt bad tenants, background checks and periodic strict inspections are carried out by IFPM.

I have a house/property to be managed, how do I start?

If you are located in or near Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Sharjah, visit either of our offices in these locations to have an in-depth discussion. For a simple start, you can write us an email on or give us a call on 800-475236. One of our cordial agents will get back to you and guide you step-by-step on how to begin and go about it.  

Contact Us Today!

Are you ready to avail our home management services? Let’s begin! read about us to understand our services before you make a decision.  Once satisfied, give us a call on 800-475236 or write to us on and we will get back to you in no time.   You can also visit our Dubai office, Abu Dhabi office, or Ajman office 

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