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Interior Design Company in Abu Dhabi

We are the top interior fit out company in Abu Dhabi. Our staff guides clients through a quick and personalized process, ensuring all needs are met. Contact our experts today to learn more about our excellent interior design services in Abu Dhabi.


IFPM – #1 Interior Design and Fit Out Company in Abu Dhabi

At Island Falcon Property Management (IFPM), we are dedicated to redefining spaces with our innovative interior design services in Abu Dhabi. Our team of specialists works diligently to surpass client expectations by creating personalized and aesthetically pleasing spaces. 

Our commitment to excellence, trust, and industry expertise has made us the preferred choice for transforming new spaces into inspiring and functional environments. We offer a diverse selection of excellent options to cater to all site owners in Abu Dhabi. 

Transform Your Space with IFPM: Premier Interior Design Services in Abu Dhabi

IFPM is a prominent interior design company in Abu Dhabi and the UAE, serving a wide range of properties since 2008. Our focus on exceptional services and cultivating strong relationships built on trust and respect distinguishes us from others. 

Our dedicated interior design specialists strive to create distinctive, personalized, and visually appealing spaces for our clients. Whether it’s small-scale or large-scale projects, we employ advanced technologies and industry expertise to remain at the forefront of the property management sector. 

Residential Interior Design Services

IFPM’s residential interior design services in Abu Dhabi are customized to surpass expectations. Our expert team will lead you through the design process, ensuring a distinctive and practical project that mirrors your personal style. We prioritize your vision and budget, utilizing the latest design trends to craft spaces that provide a genuine sense of home. Whether it’s a snug apartment or an opulent villa, we take pride in converting residential spaces into havens of comfort and sophistication.

Commercial Interior Design Services

IFPM provides extensive commercial interior design services in Abu Dhabi, serving a wide range of businesses and industries. Our skilled team acknowledges the importance of balancing functionality and aesthetics to meet your business objectives. 

We aim to maintain your brand identity while integrating modern trends to create vibrant and productive work environments that leave a positive impact on both clients and employees. Regardless of your property type, we consistently deliver high-quality work and service to all our clients. 

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

At IFPM, we take pride in our expertise in handling both residential and commercial interior design and fit-out projects in Abu Dhabi. Our skilled team of specialists is well-versed in creating personalized and aesthetically pleasing spaces for homes and efficient workspaces for businesses. 

Whether it’s transforming cozy apartments or luxurious villas, or designing dynamic offices, healthcare facilities, retail spaces, hospitality venues, or educational institutions, we utilize advanced technologies and industry knowledge to deliver exceptional results for projects of any scale. 

At IFPM, the cost of our interior design services in Abu Dhabi varies based on the project’s complexity and scope. Our comprehensive cost includes a range of services, such as design consultations, concept development, space planning, material and furniture selection, 3D visualizations, and much more. 

We ensure transparency in our pricing, and our experts will discuss all aspects of the cost with you to create a tailored solution that aligns with your budget and requirements. You can get a full breakdown of our costs and services by speaking with one of our interior design experts today. 

Starting your interior design project with IFPM is simple. Reach out to our skilled team of specialists in Abu Dhabi through a phone call or our online contact form. We are eager to discuss your project requirements and preferences in detail. 

Whether it’s a residential or commercial space, our collaborative approach ensures that the design reflects your vision and style. From concept to completion, we strive to create exceptional and functional spaces that exceed your expectations. Let’s bring your interior design dreams to life together! 

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Interior Design Company in Abu Dhabi

Why Should I Choose IFPM for My Interior Design Project in Abu Dhabi?


At IFPM, we are a preferred choice for interior design services in Abu Dhabi. With our extensive experience in managing diverse properties for over 15 years, we have established ourselves as a leading interior design firm in the UAE. Our dedication to providing exceptional services and building strong relationships based on trust and respect sets us apart. We are the first-choice team for Abu Dhabi site owners seeking interior decorating solutions. 

Choosing our team for your interior design project in Abu Dhabi means access to a skilled group of specialists passionate about redefining spaces. We understand the uniqueness of each client and thoroughly grasp your requirements and preferences. Whether residential or commercial, we follow a collaborative approach, aligning every design step with your vision and style. 

Our focus is on creating comfortable and aesthetically pleasing spaces that exceed your expectations. We maintain a commitment to excellence throughout, utilizing the latest design trends and industry expertise to transform your space into something extraordinary. With our skilled team’s knowledge and expertise, you can trust that you are dealing with professionals when you hire IFPM’s interior design team in Abu Dhabi. 

Contact IFPM Leading Interior Designers in Abu Dhabi!

If you are interested in starting your interior design project with the interior fit-out company in Abu Dhabi, feel free to contact us at IFPM today. Our team is happy to have in-depth discussions with potential clients and address any specific queries you may have. We are committed to providing comprehensive information about our interior design solutions, making sure that every client knows exactly how to get started with our services. 

To speak directly with one of our interior design experts in Abu Dhabi, you can call us at 800 475 263. Alternatively, you can fill out our online contact form, and we will promptly respond with the necessary information. Our interior design specialists maintain clear and professional communication at all times, ensuring that you have a complete understanding of the interior design solutions that we can deliver. Reach out to IFPM now to make your interior design dreams a reality! 


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