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Are you interested in our property management Dubai services? Island Falcon Property Management provides the best real estate solutions in Dubai. We deliver an efficient and stress-free experience. If you want to keep your valuable investment safe and are interested in learning the extent of our services, then give us a call on 800 475 263 or drop us an email at

What Can a Property Management Services Company Do for You?

One of the biggest challenges as a property owner is usually whether to choose property management services or not. Sometimes landlords choose to manage their properties independently, but they can’t cover every issue that appears on the way. That is when property management companies come in handy.

Residential property management companies provide the assistance you need to deal with tenants. This results in a less stressful experience and significant time saved for you, as companies handle payments from prospects and deal with any maintenance issues.

Owning a property as an investment is a complex decision, and, like many other essential decisions in your life, you need to think about every detail. Such an investment comes with a series of responsibilities that you may find troublesome to deal with. Professional help is vital to deal with day-to-day residential property management in those cases.

In a hectic real estate market like the one in the UAE, hiring a property management company is mandatory if you want to safeguard your investment. The Emirates holds one of the largest real estate markets in the world. It comprises an extensive number of properties that attracts numerous investors from all over the world every year.

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Finding the Best Property Management Dubai Based Services

Are you thinking about investing in Dubai? A frequent inquiry all investors have is how to find the best property management company that will cover every detail of their investment. Finding a trustworthy real estate company is vital if you want to get the best rental yields.

Dubai is considered one of the best places for property investment. The real estate market is vast, and so are the property management services options. This is a consequence of the vast number of properties with lower square meter prices than many other capital cities in the world.

In addition to this attractive asset, you will get peerless rental yields if you compare Dubai with other major cities. Another remarkable benefit of investing in properties in the UAE is the tax condition, as there aren’t the same property taxes as in many other countries.

With such a promising scene for investors, a top-tier residential property management service is the key. You can leave your property administration to professionals who know the business from the inside and have the fundamental skills to deal with any inconvenience.

Transactions Handling

Collecting payments is not always an easy task, so leaving this in the hands of a company will save you more than a headache.

Transactions Handling

This is a major advantage when hiring a property management company. The company deals with tenants to collect the rent and eventually extra costs such as penalty fees. They make sure that they pay the rent on time and facilitate the electronic payment options to make the process faster for both parties.

Background Checks for Future Tenants

Property management Dubai based companies handle the tenants’ screening to avoid any red flags that could appear in the process that you may not be able to see.

Background Checks for Future Tenants

Dealing with a problematic prospect could result in a financial loss for you. You will avoid struggling with tenants and a law firm with residential property management professionals. Real estate companies handle background checks, collect and hold the deposit fee, employment, and the rental history of the prospect. This is quite a benefit that will keep your investment safe.

Property Advertising

In a competitive real estate market where there are so many rental options for prospects, you need to make your property stand out from the crowd.

Property Advertising

Each day your property is empty, you lose money. That's why property management Dubai agencies provide exceptional advertising services to rent your property. You may think that listing the property on a website will be enough, but it won’t. Property management Dubai offices have several social media and property website agreements that will elevate your property’s online exposure.

Property Maintenance Handling 

When you own a property as an investment and rent it, maintenance issues may appear.

Property Maintenance Handling 

Even though some problems may seem easy to fix, it's always better to leave that job to the field experts. One of the diverse property management services is handling property maintenance.

Legal Advising

One of the most remarkable advantages when hiring a residential property management professional is legal advice. Real estate companies have plenty of knowledge of the local laws. Also, they will take care of the legal aspects of the contracts with tenants.

Legal Advising

Even if you are an immigrant or investing in more than one property, knowing the investment regulatory affairs in the UAE is essential. The team of experts in property management Dubai-based agencies will guide you through all the legal processes to avoid potential fines and penalties. There are more benefits of hiring a company to handle your property than those listed here. We only focused on the major advantages that every investor needs to know before renting their property. Even though doing all the processes on your own may sound effortless, you could end up dealing with some major concerns in the future.

Interested in our services?

Given all these amazing reasons, you should look no further than hiring a property management company in Dubai like the Island Falcon. Our experience has been proven by the work we’ve done in managing different properties and maintained relationships with all of our clients. You can always be assured that your property will be handled by experts like no others by the
Island Falcon Property Management Company

Meet the Best Residential Property Management Services

If you are looking for a top-quality company in the real estate business to handle your valuable investment, Island Falcon Property Management is the solution. We are the leading agency for selling and leasing properties and have more than ten years of experience in the real estate business in the UAE.

Our company is focused on excellent customer care, providing property management Dubai based solutions for investors. Your investment is in safe hands at Island Falcon. We will take care of every step in property management to accomplish all your demands.

At Island Falcon, we assembled a staff of consultants with deep knowledge and expertise in property management services. Our team members will help you by giving you solid guidance about the real estate market in the UAE. We will help you make the right move towards your investment in a straightforward way.

When it comes to property management Dubai services, Island Falcon is the go-to company. Our consultants strive to give the best customer service and advice regarding property handling. However, our company not only provides property management services, our expertise also include leasing, selling, consultancy, and financial services.

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Are You Looking for A Professional Property Management Company?

If you are ready to take the next step in your investment path, Island Falcon is prepared to provide you the property management Dubai solutions you need. Our skilled team of consultants is ready to assist you through each management process stage. If you want to learn more about our services, call us on 800 475 263 or you can email us at 

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