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Looking for a trustworthy and dependable real estate company in Abu Dhabi? Feeling overwhelmed by the multiple results? Well, the good news is, you have finally landed the right page. You read that right, Island Falcon Property Management is among the leading Abu Dhabi real estate companies.  

Whether you are looking for sell, buy, or rent commercial or a residential properties, IFPM is a real estate company in Abu Dhabi that you can rely on. In fact, we can back you up with property consultation, legal consultation, financial advice and more. Along with this IFPM can also provide you with suitable property management and facilities management. Lastly, and most importantly we have a team of expert real estate agents that can guide you through the dos and don’ts of real estate market.  

Give IFPM a call on 800-475236 and our agents will guide you step by step on how you need to go about according to your requirements. You can also visit our Dubai office, Abu Dhabi office, or Ajman office according to your location and convenience. Furthermore, if you have more queries or would like to drop us some feedback, write to us on and we will get back to you with all the information that you need.  

Island Falcon Property Management has been among the leading property management and real estate companies for 14 years. Our clientele is existent throughout the multiple Emirates of the UAE. So why wait? Rent the house of your dreams and become a part of the IFPM family. 

Discover A Wide Selection of Properties by our Real Estate Company


Our wide selection of properties available for leasing or sale makes us a fine real estate company in Abu Dhabi.  

With our extensive, up-to-date database, you’ll find it easier to pick what you’re looking for. We understand, nowadays, selecting properties are not limited to a roof above the head or a definite space with four walls. When one chooses a property, irrespective of it being commercial or residential, certain points are present in each individual’s checklist.  

Mobility, connectivity, amenities, maintenance, and many such details matter in a property. Rest assured, that our real estate in Abu Dhabi has an extensive selection of properties to choose from. You can call or visit us and list down your budget, type of property, number of rooms, and area and our agents will assist you in choosing the right property.  

Seeking a property buying company in Abu Dhabi?


If you are thinking that our functions as real estate company in Abu Dhabi are limited to leasing, then here’s some more good news for you. If you are looking for a property buying company in Abu Dhabi, IFPM can assist you with complete buying process. Here’s how our real estate company in Abu Dhabi can assist you: – 

Assistance: We help you with paperwork, contracts, registrations, and legal issues when you begin the buying process. 

Reporting: Once you buy properties through us, we keep you updated with property condition reports regularly.  

Management and Maintenance: IFPM provides, landlord-tenant relationship and dispute management backed by property maintenance, pest control, cleaning and more.  

Financial Services: Lastly, we make buying a property with our real estate experts in Abu Dhabi even better by providing financial services like loans, re-financing, tracking, mortgage assistance, and equity releases. 

We offer a wide range of tailored real estate services in Abu Dhabi

Being a multifaceted real estate company in Abu Dhabi, IFPM aims to be innovative as well as up-to-date with the forward-moving economy. Unlike mainstream real estate companies, Island Falcon offers tailored real estate services in Abu Dhabi. We provide all-encompassing real estate and property management solutions to our nationwide clientele.  

Here are the services offered by our real estate company in Abu Dhabi, IFPM:

Property Management:

Our client-focused approach is based on transparency and ethics, with a professional staff of consultants committed to excellence. We build lasting relationships with tenants while ensuring the profitability of your asset.

We are a leading property management company in UAE as we offer expansive property management solutions like, facility maintenance and management, rent collection and accounting, legal guidance, regular cleaning, marketing of your properties, lastly, lease and tenant management. 

Facilities Management:

Our relationships are based on transparency and rooted in our company’s values, making us a reliable facilities management services company in the UAE. We use the latest technology for preventive maintenance and scheduled repairs. Thus, we ensure your asset's profitability, saving you time and money. 

Interior Design:

Your spaces will be uniquely yours. Whether it is for private or commercial use, we will transform it into something special. Our designers are always up to date on the latest trends, but always mindful of your vision and budget. As a result, we create spaces that are unique and functional at the same time.

Short-Term Rentals:

IFPM provides Holiday Homes and furnished apartments for short term according to your requirement. The many advantages of renting a WelHome with Island Falcon will help you enjoy your vacations right from the get-go while planning the moments.
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Take Advantages of Our Services Today!

With over ten years of experience in managing a variety of properties in the UAE, Island Falcon has become a reliable real estate company in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Ajman. With our commitment to providing our clients with unsurpassed service while building relationships based on mutual respect and trust, we deliver innovative services. 

Reasons why IFPM is highly advantageous for you: 

  • We offer superior quality services. 
  • We offer the most competitive prices. 
  • We are an ethical firm and follow corporate social responsibility. 
  • We strive to improve. 
  • We believe in teamwork. 
  • We maintain transparency in our communication. 

Avail this and much more, get in touch with us today! 


Why Choose Us? 

Our real estate company in Abu Dhabi is synonymous with reliability and trust. The possibilities are endless when you hire us. The welfare of our customers is our top priority. 

Additional perks of hiring IFPM: 

  • Healthy, ethical, and professional relationships 
  • An asset management company for real estate 
  • Diverse expertise on the team 
  • Technology at the cutting edge 
  • We also provide legal and financial advice 
  • Experienced professionals with high levels of trustworthiness 

Contact Us Today!

With us, you have found the right real estate company in Abu Dhabi that you were looking for.   All you need to do is visit Island Falcon Property Management’s website, read and choose a service or number of real estate services you need and give us a call on 800-475236, our team will assist you with right support.   Moreover, you can write to us on can also visit our Dubai office, Abu Dhabi office, or Ajman office according to your location and convenience. 

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