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Rent Collection

Streamline your rent collection process for hassle-free property management. 


Rent Collection & Financial Management

Simplify your property’s financial management with IFPM’s Rent Collection & Financial Management services. We ensure timely rent collection, handle tax compliance, maintain accurate property accounting, implement secure record-keeping systems, manage security deposits, and provide comprehensive financial reporting. Our services span the following: – 

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Payment to Owner

At IFPM, we prioritize efficient and timely payment to property owners. Our dedicated team ensures that rental income is promptly disbursed to owners, providing peace of mind, and maximizing convenience. With transparent and accurate financial processes in place, property owners can rely on us for hassle-free payment management. We keep meticulous records of all transactions, providing detailed statements to keep owners informed about their financial interests. Trust IFPM to handle your payment needs with professionalism and reliability. 


Navigating the complexities of taxes is essential in property management, and at IFPM, we ensure compliance with tax regulations. Our knowledgeable team stays updated on tax laws, filing requirements, and deadlines, relieving property owners of tax-related burdens. We handle proper tax documentation and reporting, enabling smooth tax processes and minimizing the risk of penalties or legal issues. Trust IFPM to manage your property’s tax obligations with expertise and accuracy. 

Financial Property Accounting

Accurate financial property accounting is crucial for effective property management, and at IFPM, we excel in this area. Our meticulous approach ensures comprehensive tracking and management of income, expenses, and financial transactions related to your property. We maintain organized records and employ robust accounting systems to provide transparent and reliable financial reporting. With IFPM’s financial property accounting services, property owners can have confidence in the accuracy and integrity of their financial records, enabling informed decision-making and maximizing financial performance. 

Record and IT

At IFPM, we understand the importance of efficient record-keeping and information technology systems in property management. We employ secure and reliable IT infrastructure to manage property-related data, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of information. Our comprehensive record-keeping practices enable quick and easy access to essential documents, facilitating smooth operations and effective decision-making. With IFPM’s expertise in record and IT management, property owners can rest assured that their property information is well-organized, protected, and readily available whenever needed. 

Security Deposit

Our precise methodology ensures strict adherence to legal requirements and industry standards. We maintain accurate records, securely store the deposits, and process refunds or deductions promptly and fairly in accordance with lease agreements. With IFPM, you can have confidence that your property’s security deposits are managed with integrity, fostering trust between landlords and tenants. Trust us to handle your security deposits with the utmost care and professionalism. 

Rent Collection & Financial Management


At IFPM, we offer multiple convenient options for rent collection. Tenants can make payments through online portals, direct bank transfers, or in-person at our office. Our streamlined process ensures prompt and hassle-free rent collection. 

In the event of a bounced check, we handle it diligently and in accordance with legal procedures. We promptly inform the tenant about the bounced check and follow up for immediate resolution. We work closely with the tenant to rectify the issue and ensure that rent payments are made on time. 

Evictions are a last resort, but if the need arises, we manage the process efficiently and legally. We follow the established legal protocols for evictions, working with experienced legal professionals to ensure compliance with all applicable laws. Our goal is to handle evictions professionally and swiftly while protecting the landlord’s interests and minimizing disruption. 

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By choosing IFPM’s rent collection services, you unlock numerous benefits for your property management. Experience peace of mind as we handle the timely and efficient collection of rent from your tenants.  

Say goodbye to the hassle of chasing payments and dealing with bounced checks. Our expert team ensures a seamless process, allowing you to focus on other aspects of property ownership. Maximize your rental income and enjoy a stress-free experience by partnering with IFPM.  

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