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Island Falcon Property Management is currently one of the best companies for commercial, retail, and residential real estate services in the UAE. Our commitment is unrivalled and our goal is to exceed all expectations! With our friendly and dedicated property consultants at your service, finding and buying a property for sale will feel surprisingly easy from start to finish.  ​

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Apartment Blocks for Rent

What makes us stand out above our competitors is that we are there every step of the way, going to great lengths to get you the best deal possible, ensuring that there are no half measures in the level of service we provide. Our experts will take care of the process entirely, gathering your specific requirements and financial figures.


Island Falcon Property Management has established a large regional property sales division with representatives based in the UAE. Our sales teams have extensive experience in the negotiation and sale of a variety of assets including the following:

  • Independent Villas
  • Single Apartments
  • Apartment Blocks
  • Large Vacant Plots of Land
  • Residential Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
Real Estate Brokerage


Our experts are well aware of the stress that can come with finding a rental property, particularly if you have a deadline weighing you down. Here at Island Falcon, we can ease the pressure by alleviating you of the hassle.

From you, we will ask for your preferences, specifications, and requirements with regards to the property itself. Budget is also a significant factor in the process as we want to make sure that the rental is within your price range. From there, we will take control and identify a property that reflects your needs. We efficiently conduct all necessary actions to ensure our clients get the best service they deserve.


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