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Island Falcon’s Facility Management has over 15 years of experience in the UAE. As one of the top service solution providers for many of the top organisations in the UAE, we are regarded and trusted.

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We support the idea of sustainability and progress and subscribe to the principle of constant diligence and growth.  With longevity as a key motivator, our highly skilled staff provides cost-effective solutions of the highest calibre to a wide range of clients while using the most up-to-date technology.

Our integrated Facilities Management Company offers the most extensive selection of “soft” maintenance (cleaning/specialized services) as well as “hard” maintenance (hard).

Who We Are

Our facilities management company was formed in 2008. We are a diverse group of industry experts sharing a common goal of providing the finest property management solutions.

At Island Falcon, we work closely with our clients to understand their facility management needs, to listen to them, and to deliver the best results while protecting their investment. We are a leading provider of facilities management services in the UAE owing to our network, which is built on transparency and rooted in our corporate principles.

We also use the most recent technologies to carry out planned and preventive maintenance and repair work. By doing this, we guarantee the profitability of your asset while also saving you time and money. A vast variety of well-known collaborations in the area support our work. 

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Facility Management Solutions in Dubai and UAE

Facility management solutions are an integral part of the property management and real estate sectors. They make sure the spaces where we work, play, and live are secure, pleasant, efficient, and sustainable. There are several ways that facility managers and management impact our routine lives.

  • Increase operational effectiveness.
  • Plan and implement the infrastructure requirements for supporting productivity.
  • Manage risks, such as those affecting equipment, personnel, suppliers, etc.
  • Mitigate the influence on the environment.
  • Encourage sustainable strategies for long-term cost control.
  • Utilize technical innovations.
  • Reduce and withstand the consequences of natural disasters.
  • Ensure special compliance.
  • Employ security. 

What Does Facility Management Company Do?

The aim of facility management is to guarantee that the building performs well and accommodates the needs of its users.

It is extremely crucial have a committed crew manage properties. As a result, IFPM has experienced remarkable growth in recent years.

The following are the four primaries yet less talked about duties of a Facilities Management Company:

Assisting Clients:

The establishment and upkeep of a safe working environment for employees is the first and foremost responsibility of a facilities management firm. This can be done in a variety of ways, such as by luring in and keeping top personnel, enhancing productivity and efficiency, and fostering a positive work atmosphere.

Employees will be served by facility managers in a variety of ways, including addressing crises, managing directories, switching offices, and space utilization, among other things.

Creating Procedures:

The establishment of a process gives the property structure and direction. The residential or business property can operate at peak efficiency when there is discipline and direction. The workplace has numerous procedures, such as submitting a work order request, booking space inside the building, caring for clients and visitors, etc. The facilities managers are in charge of maintaining order and making sure everything gets back on track if issues and commotion emerge.

Maintenance and upgrading of facilities:

As the name suggests, facility managers are also in charge of improving the physical aspect of the facilities. They will clean the inside of the structure and customize it as necessary. These individuals will look into the repairs, building maintenance, and improvement of buildings.

Integration of technology:

A facility manager also has the responsibility of choosing and deploying the appropriate technologies inside an organization. Facilities management will choose which physical technology is used, how it is used, and how it is leveraged. The IT department will be in charge of integrating the physical technology.

Hard Facility Management Services


1. HVAC:

IFPM equips customers to maximize the benefits of HVAC system optimization and retrofitting through careful planning and adaptive system modifications.

2. Infrastructure:

Infrastructure facilities management encompasses integrating overall building services.

3. Civil Maintenance:

By taking care of all of your civil and structural requirements under one roof, we will help you save time and effort wasted looking for various contractors.

4. Swimming Pool Maintenance:

Using expert pool cleaning methods, we will make sure your pool is secure, kept clean, and clear of any potentially harmful bacteria.

Soft Facility Management Services

1. Cleaning:

IFPM will advise you on your cleaning needs based on the kind of your institution. We employ professionally trained workers that use the most up-to-date tools and perform to the highest international standards as part of our integrated cleaning services.

2. Facade Cleaning:

Our licensed workforce offers top-notch exterior glass and facade cleaning services that are secure, effective, and professional.

3. Security

A separate division for safety and loss prevention operates at IFPM. Our security sector employs highly qualified, authorized, and accredited individuals to perform a variety of tasks.

Types of Services Offered by IFPM

Our objective is to support you in achieving yours while providing quality level of customer service. To provide top-notch services, we carefully choose the vendors who cooperate with our business.

With IFPM, you do not have to stress about managing the everyday operations of your commercial property. We are here to provide solutions that are tailored to your needs. We are aware of the many difficulties that could arise when attempting to manage a lucrative facility.

Below are a few services offered by IFPM:

Facility HVAC Maintenance Services
Electrical Systems Maintenance
Façade Cleaning Services
Civil Maintenancee
Building Management System
Cleaning Services
Security Services and More.

We have further segregated the above-mentioned services into two broad categories. Hard Services and Soft Services.

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Why Choose Us?

IFPM thrives on client-centric culture. Consequently, this can only be accomplished via transparency and effective communication, both of which we help ensure.

In addition to having

  • Experience (since 2008),
  • Accreditation,
  • And presence in numerous UAE locations.

IFPM adheres to the principle of “shared advantages”. As a result, the additional reasons for choosing IFPM as your facility management partner are listed below:

We ensure security of the property and the tenants
Building cleanliness and safety are among the responsibilities of IFPM.  People revere safe, orderly spaces. A well-maintained facility will draw in more clients.
We keep all property systems and services operating at peak efficiency
We maintain top efficiency in property systems and services. We will make sure your business performs maintenance and upkeep to keep your equipment running smoothly and efficiently.
Reduces the expense of maintaining a space
Employing a facility management company  enables you to maintain a single management system for all of your facility services. You can save money and complete tasks on time by assigning one employee to handle all of your regular duties.
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