Villas For Rent in Abu Dhabi

Villas For Rent in Abu Dhabi

Are you new to Abu Dhabi’s delightful and peaceful environment and looking for your dream villa to rent? Look no further! At Island Falcon Property Management, we offer full property management services that cover the process of buying, selling, and renting a villa or any property, especially for people just coming into town.

We will also help you tour the available villas for rent in Abu Dhabi as well as guide you through the process of renting one. Island Falcon Property Management is an enthusiast of the real estate industry in Dubai which means your comfort is our duty.

Our customers in Abu Dubai and the UAE are welcome to reach us by giving us a call on +971 2 444 2123 or send us an email at

Ultimate Guide to Renting a Villa in Abu Dhabi

Renting a villa in Abu Dhabi is a very big decision to make because Abu Dhabi city can be family centric. There is a lot of aspects you will have to cover.

These include your family needs, the location of the villa, the type of villa you want to rent, the community, and how price friendly the villa is.

These are all factors to consider when searching for villas for rent in Abu Dhabi. In addition, most people have this misconception about how expensive it is to rent a villa or a property in Abu Dhabi city, and so they don`t ever try to explore. But we pride ourselves on providing solutions to finding Townhouse for rent Abu Dhabi without the hassle.

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Are you still looking for apartment blocks for rent? Then give Island Falcon Property Management a call today on +971 2 4442123 to see how we can help.
Villas For Rent in Abu Dhabi

How We Can Help You

Our services at Island Falcon Property Management are not just limited to rental or selling properties. Our services cover the following:

  • Property management (selling, buying and leasing)
  • Facility management
  • Financial services

To make sure you get the most of our services, we meet with you, understand your needs and budget. You may look for some affordable villas for rent in Abu Dhabi, or 3 and 4 bedroom apartments for rent around the city. This gives us clarity of where to focus our search for the right villas for sale in Abu Dhabi or villas for rent in Abu Dhabi that meets your needs.

Property Management

Our expert property managers at Island Falcon Property Management have extensive knowledge of rental, industrial, commercial, and residential property transaction oversight.

They cater for any and every real estate transaction difficulty at any level helping you to make a profit off your real estate business. Because we are dedicated to helping you succeed, we will help you prepare your property to become a marketable product, and then get potential clients on the negotiation table while you close the deal. Even if you were just looking for villas for rent in Abu Dhabi city.

Facility management

Every property (especially commercial property), is a symbol of the hard work of the property owner. Therefore, discipline in the management process of a property is something property owners must not under look. The facility management team at Island Falcon Property Management will ensure the safety of your commercial property.

We will take off the stress of always looking for contractors to fix one or two things on your property. Our maintenance team keeps a year-round close watch on your property to guarantee that everything is in order.

leading property consultant

Financial services in the city

Our financial services include:

  • Mortgage service – Our experts will help you determine the right mortgage options for your needs. This step often serves as a security plan for your loved ones.
  • Purchasing a new home – If you are looking for villas for rent in Abu Dhabi, or a property to buy, we will help you get connected with a pool of banks that offer great loan options, conditions, and interest rates to help you secure that dream home of yours
  • Equity – Equity cash out for UAE properties by some property owners is often a hassle. But we make it possible for you and even offer opportunities where you can reinvest into the market and maximize your chances of updating your property
  • Investment units – Our investment units offer our investors the opportunity to maximize their ROI while enjoying suitable investment conditions


Interior Design in the city

A beautiful home without a beautiful interior is like a river without water flowing through it. Our interior design service includes –

  • Residential properties – Our interior design service for residential properties (from private Villas for rent in Abu Dhabi city to the best villas for rent in Abu Dhabi), is based on the class of the property and the requirements of the clients. We have a gallery of luxury interior design settings and standards for high-end properties from which clients can choose. We also help guide your decision and choice without interfering with your unique interest.
  • Commercial Properties – The design of most commercial properties is based mostly on the nature of the business. It may be an office. Having served a huge number of clients, we equally have a gallery of interior design for commercial properties. We also custom design the interior of your property according to your requirements, if that is what you want. Our interior designs are mostly ideal for private Villas for rent in Abu Dhabi.

Why Choose Us?

Excellent Services

Island Falcon Property Management is not the leader of the real estate industry in UAE by chance. We are known for rendering property management services that are backed by excellence and stability, following industry standards.
We believe in the culture of integrating local experts into our operations which enables us to leverage untapped expertise from other areas of the industry. This gives us the strength to cater to a limitless real estate market challenge including sourcing the best villas for rent in Abu Dhabi.


A firmly established company is the best place you should take your business to. Having been in the market since 2008, Island Falcon Property Management boasts a very strong industry foundation and business stability drawn from years of experience in the real estate market.
Also, our well-trained professionals are well experienced and understand the community, the industry, and the market, which makes us stable enough in the real estate industry to serve you right. Hence, we can help you find luxurious 3-bedroom apartment or townhouse in Abu Dhabi.

Wrapping up

Being one of the leaders of the real estate market in the UAE area, we offer extensive services that will make your experience working with us unforgettable. Besides property and financial management services, we also offer rentals and investment opportunities that will help our clients boost revenue and probably upgrade their properties in a timely manner.

Renting a villa through us is the best decision you can make. We will guide you through the best and safest villas for rent in Abu Dhabi.


Contact our Abu Dhabi based real estate agents Now!

Ready to rent villa, townhouse or 3 bedroom apartments in Abu Dhabi? Our team of experienced realtors can be of help! Contact us know at +971 2 444 2123 or leave us a message to and we will get back to you in no time.

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